Slack Notifications

Once you've created a Playbook, you can add an Action that notifies you whenever an account or user matches the Playbook conditions!

  1. In step 3 (Add Actions) in your Playbook, choose "Slack - Send Message."

Configure the Slack Notification

  1. Choose whether you want notifications to send to a Public Channel or via Direct Message.
  • For Public Channels, please note that this depends on the permissions of the person who set up the Slack integration.


Adding Notifications to Private Channels

If you want to include our Slack app in private channels, you can simply type "@Correlated" into the private channel to invite the app. Upon doing so, you will be able to access that channel in the "Channel" dropdown.

  • For a Direct Message, note that we pull in the Account and User Owner from any available fields, whether it’s in Salesforce or in another data integration. You can even select multiple account owners to recieve DMs.


How can I send DMs to multiple account owners?

Need to send multiple Direct Messages? No problem! You can select more than one Account Owner to send a Slack DM to. Please note that Account Owners are populated by dimensions (or fields) in the product, so the Account Owner must be an email address that we can use to find the correct Slack user.

  1. Choose whether you want to thread notifications or not. Correlated checks for new Signals periodically and sends notifications when accounts or users trigger Signals. If you want Correlated to thread all accounts or users, simply check this check box.


When should you thread notifications?

Typically, you'd want to thread notifications if you don't want to crowd your channel with alerts. That being said, many of our users choose not to thread notifications as it makes it easier to share the notifications with different members of the team alongside context as to why that notification was triggered.

Further Customizations to the Notifications

You can further customize what goes into a Slack notification using the "Trigger Details" function. This function exposes any dimensions about the account or user that you might want to include each Slack notification. A really common dimension to include is a Salesforce link - other common dimensions include number of employees, region, or account owner. Here's what your Slack Action might look like:

Adding Channels by Channel ID

Slack rate limits calls to pull channel lists. If you don't see a channel listed in the dropdown, you can add one manually by inputting the channel ID. To find a channel's ID in Slack click the name of the channel at the top of the application and the channel ID will be shown at the bottom of the pop up.


Now that you've set everything up, you can sit back and relax. Correlated is keeping an eye on your customers for you! Here's what a notification might look like in Slack:

You can click "View Account Details" to see account/user details, why a specific lead received their PQL/PQA score, and a recent activity stream.