Configuring Your Account

Once all of your sources and downstream applications have been connected and data is beginning to flow into Correlated, there's a few last steps to finish configuring your account, if you haven't completed them already.

Accounts and Users

  1. In the left-hand navigation, click into the Configuration tab.
  2. In the first section, Setup Accounts and Users, you'll need to assign a Dimension for Accounts and Users.
    We recommend using "Company/Account Name" for Accounts, and "Email Address" for Users. These tend to be the most "human-readable" options.

Ownership Assignment

  1. In the second section, Ownership Assignment, you can assign Owner Emails both at the Account and User level, which allows you to send actions such as Slack DMs, Outreach Sequences, and Salesloft Sequences to specific owners/reps. These dimensions MUST be in email address format.
  2. Below, you can assign Salesforce Owner IDs at the Account and User level. This allows you to assign Salesforce Task actions to different owners in Salesforce. These dimensions MUST be in a SFDC ID format.

Advanced Salesforce Configuration

  1. The Advanced Salesforce Configuration section is where you can assign CRM Links both at the Account and User level. This will appear as a link when viewing Account / User details in Correlated, so you can easily be directed to their page in Salesforce if needed.
  2. Below that, is where you can confirm your Salesforce Account and Contact IDs are setup properly. As long as you completed the configuration steps when connecting Salesforce, this section should be completed for you.