Outreach Sequences

Once you've created a Playbook, you can add an Action to automatically add or remove users to/from Outreach sequences based on what they are doing in your product. Adding an Action is easy - since you've already determined the criteria a user must meet to be a member of this Signal, now you just need to tell it what to do!

Note: You can only add users to Outreach sequences, so you must ensure "Users" is selected to enter the Signal you're working in.


Adding or Removing Users in Outreach Sequences

Once you've selected "Who to enter" (in this case, it has to be Users) and "When to enter", you can set up the action.

  1. In step 3 (Add Actions) in your Playbook, choose either "Outreach - Add a sequence" to automatically add prospects to a sequence OR "Remove from a sequence in Outreach" to automatically remove prospects from a sequence.
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  1. Select the Outreach sequence you want to use.

Assigning Mailboxes

  • Keep in mind, you can choose a desired email sender from a list of multiple mailbox owners (See "Assign to this Mailbox" when creating the action).
  • For example, you can have the email sent from the Prospect Owner mailbox as default, or choose another mailbox like the Customer Success Manager or Account Owner, depending on how you have dimensions set up under Ownership Assignment in the Configuration tab (found in the left-hand menu).

Creating Prospects

  • As default, Correlated will automatically create new prospects in Outreach for you if one does not already exist for the User (at the time they trigger your Signal). Here's how it works:
    1. We will search for the prospect in Outreach by the User email
    2. If the prospect is not found and an owner dimension other than the default "Prospect Owner" is selected, we will create a new prospect using the User email address, but will not assign an owner
    3. The prospect will be added to the sequence, coming from the selected owner's mailbox.
  • If you do NOT want Correlated to automatically create prospects in Outreach, click "Edit" on the Outreach integration card and deselect "Create a new Prospect if a User is not found in Outreach via Email"


Correlated does not support prospect ownership assignment!

At this time, Correlated does not handle prospect ownership assignment in Outreach, so if you have the default "Prospect Owner" mailbox selected in your Signal's Action, and Correlated creates a new prospect for you to add them to your sequence, the action will fail because no Prospect Owner has previously been assigned.

Remove from Sequence Tips

  • After you select the sequence you want the user to be removed from, you can decide if you want to mark the prospect as "finished" so that they cannot be added to the sequence more than once.

Refining Which Sequences Are Available

By default, we only allow you to add Users to "Shared" Sequences. This is because when we don't want to expose private Sequences that are owned by the Outreach user who set up the integration. If you aren't seeing the Sequence you want to add Users to, you should make sure the Sequence is shared.

  1. Log into Outreach and access the "Settings" for the Sequence that you want to expose.

  2. Make sure you've shared the Sequence with your org by selecting "Others can see and use it."

  3. Make sure you turn on your Outreach Sequence. Only active Sequences will show up in the drop down in Correlated.



You must use the account that OAuth'd into Correlated!

In order to refine the Sequences that are available to your Correlated organization, you must be using the same Outreach account that OAuth'd into Correlated.

Outreach Personalization

Map "custom fields" between Correlated and Outreach to easily populate your Outreach Sequences with personalized information for your customers!

  1. Click open the Integrations page in Correlated

  2. Find the Outreach card and click Edit

  1. Configure your User Custom Field Syncing
  • Click "Add a Field Mapping"
  • First, select a Dimension (or data point) you want Correlated to populate the Custom Field with
  • Then, choose the Custom Field coming from Outreach
  • When you're done mapping fields, click Save


Custom Fields must have a "label" in Outreach!

In order for Correlated to properly identify your custom fields from Outreach, they must be given a label. You can add labels in Outreach by going to Settings --> System Config --> Prospect --> General --> Custom Fields.

  1. Once your custom field mapping is ready, you can follow the steps from the beginning of this article to use our "Add to Sequence in Outreach" action.
  • This time, make sure you are checking the box to "Sync custom variables prior to adding Prospect to Sequence" in order to properly use your new custom field mapping!

Any time a new User triggers your Signal in Correlated, they will be automatically added to your Sequence in Outreach, and Correlated will populate any custom fields that are used in the first email of the Sequence for a more personalized message.