SalesLoft Cadences

Once you've created a Signal, you can add an Action that automatically adds Users to SalesLoft Cadences based on what they are doing in your product. Adding an Action is easy - since you've already determined the criteria a user must meet to be a member of this Signal, now you just need to tell it what to do!

Note: You can only add users to SalesLoft cadences, so you must ensure "Users" is selected to enter the Signal you're working in.

Adding Users to SalesLoft Cadences

Once you've selected "Who to enter" (in this case, it has to be Users) and "When to enter", you can set up the action to add any Users who matched the conditions of your Signal to a SalesLoft Cadence.

  1. Choose "Add to Cadence in Salesloft" under "What to do."
  1. With the dropdown arrow, select the Cadence you want Users to be added to upon entering the Signal.


Users are linked to the "Owner" in SalesLoft

By default, when a User is added into a Cadence via a Workflow, we match that User to the Owner in SalesLoft so that the User will receive emails and other communications from that Owner.

Refining which Cadences are available

By default, we only allow you to add Users to "Shared" Cadences. This is because when we don't want to expose private Cadences that are owned by the SalesLoft user who set up the integration. If you aren't seeing the Cadence you want to add Users to, you should make sure the Cadence is shared. In order to do this, log into SalesLoft and update the Sharing Settings for your Cadence.