Monitoring Your Book of Business

As Sales Managers and Sales Reps, you are usually tasked with a territory or book of business that includes all the accounts that you should be selling into. A common strategy that sales teams employ is to use drip campaigns to periodically reach out to their book of business to identify new sales opportunities and to stay top of mind. You might build multiple campaigns - selling a new feature, having a stakeholder introduce you to other groups in the account, a reminder to renew, or just a generic reach out. But how do you choose which campaign to use and when to send it? That's where Correlated comes in - we help you identify who to reach out to and automate the actual outreach.

Some examples of how our existing customers monitor their Book of Business include:

  • Finding accounts that are ready to use a new feature
    • At least one user has viewed documentation or marketing for the new feature
    • Account has at least 5 active users
  • Identifying when key stakeholders are ready to make an introduction
    • Stakeholder with the right title signs up for the first time
  • Getting notified when renewals or usage caps are about to be reached
    • Renewal is coming up in less than 30 days
    • Utilization is at 80% and renewal is coming up in more than 3 months
  • Finding customers who haven't met their QBR goals