Defining Signals

Correlated allows you to define product usage signals that you care about to prioritize customer outreach. Users can create flexible signals using data from multiple data sources without writing a line of code. This means that your entire revenue team can work together to design Signals based on existing domain knowledge. Signals identify either accounts or users that exhibit certain behaviors. Correlated tracks accounts and users as they fire (or stop firing) Signals. Once Signals are created, you can use Correlated to automate downstream notifications and actions.


Correlated builds a proprietary account-based and user-based view of your customers

Correlated automatically joins data that describes product usage with the associated accounts and users. As such, all analyses can be run for either an account or a user. Please read our documentation on data models to better understand how these different data types work.

To get started on building your own Signals, it's helpful to classify the Signals to measure the customer lifecycles you care about.

  1. Positive Customer Lifecycle Signals
  2. Negative Customer Lifecycle Signals

If you know what Signals you want to build, you can move on directly to our Building a Signal section!