Finding Expansion Opportunities

Sales teams are increasingly being asked to drive expansion revenue at PLG companies. This means an entirely different sales motion driven by how users are using the product versus outbound sales motions to cold leads. Correlated makes it easy to find new expansion opportunities in several ways.

1. Quickly build account lists
Let's say that you've noticed most accounts are ready to expand within 60 days of initial adoption. With Correlated's Customer Explorer, you can quickly build an account list with accounts that signed up more than 60 days ago as a customer and have utilized at least 50% of their plan. You can then click into each account and find the most active user to email or call.

2. Discover good leading indicators of expansion opportunities
You can use our Signal builder to build lists of accounts that you care about, and be immediately notified when a new account enters that has similar characteristics. For example, let's say that all your expanded customers have at least 80% license utilization. You can build a Signal that pulls in all customers with 80%+ license utilization. By hitting Members, you can confirm that the list of accounts is in-line with the types of accounts you care about.

Once the Signal is saved, we'll catch any accounts that cross the 80%+ license utilization threshold and store them in the History tab. You can also create Workflows to automatically take action when new accounts are discovered. By basically building lists of customers you know are important to you, and then using Signals to track new "like" customers, you can discover the characteristics that might signal expansion opportunities.