Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a commonly used CRM platform. Revenue teams store all of their contextual data on customer interactions in Salesforce. However, this contextual data is hard to analyze alongside product usage metrics that live in other systems. Correlated makes it easy to combine your customer data in Salesforce with other data sources so that you can view how your customers are doing on an account basis.

Before You Get Started

Your permissions in Salesforce will impact what data you can access in Correlated. When we use your account to connect to Salesforce, we will only be able to see the data that you are allowed to see. As a result, we would suggest connecting to Salesforce using an account that has admin privileges.

Please also note that your Salesforce account cannot be a trial account in order to integrate with Correlated.

Getting Started

  1. Log into the Correlated Labs application
  2. Click on Integrations in the left navigation
  3. Click "Connect" on the Salesforce integration card - You will be redirected to SFDC to authenticate and authorize our application