Hubspot Integration

Hubspot is a powerful marketing automation platform. You can pipe the Signals that you build in Correlated into Hubspot to drive automated emails, campaigns, and sequences based on customer behavior by adding users to static contact lists. You can also combine Hubspot with other downstream integrations like Outreach or Salesloft to build multi-step playbooks that span sales and marketing.

Before You Get Started

Your permissions in Hubspot will impact what data you can access in Correlated When we use your account to connect to Hubspot, we will only be able to see the data that you are allowed to see. As a result, we would suggest connecting to Hubspot using an account that has admin privileges.

Connecting Hubspot

  1. Log into the Correlated application
  2. Click on Integrations in the left navigation
  3. Click "Connect" on the Hubspot integration card - you will be redirected to Hubspot to authenticate and authorize our application

To learn more about setting up Hubspot List Actions, check out this document.