Welcome to Correlated

Welcome to Correlated! We're excited to introduce you to our platform and help you better understand your customers, drive usage, and expand revenue.

What is Correlated?

We empower revenue teams with the data they need to discover and act on expansion and upsell opportunities. In order to do this, our platform:

  1. Centralizes usage and customer data across third-party applications, CRMs, and data warehouses to provide a holistic view of customer behavior
  2. Exposes a drag-and-drop, collaborative interface that revenue teams can use to explore data
  3. Surfaces accounts and users who are ready for upsell based on customer-defined triggers
  4. Connects to downstream applications to automate workflows with Playbooks
  5. Predicts when leads are ready to convert or expand with custom machine-learning PQL scoring

What’s Next

Now that you know a little bit about what Correlated does, go ahead and check out our Onboarding Guide or read more about our Data Model.