Amplitude Integration

Connect product and webpage events to Correlated.

Amplitude is a product analytics and event tracking platform. By connecting Amplitude to Correlated, you can help inform your Customer Lifecycle Scores and use near real-time event data to trigger downstream alerts to your team. For example, when high quality leads show signs of intent like viewing your pricing page, or activating a new feature in your product.

Connecting to Amplitude

  1. Log into the Correlated application.
  2. Click on Integrations in the left navigation.
  3. Find the Amplitude card and click "Connect."

  1. Next, input the following information for your Amplitude instance and click "Connect."
    1. API Key
    2. Secret Key
  2. Once the connection has been successfully made to Correlated, you'll see a green "Connected" message.

Configuring Your Integration

  1. Now that you're connected, configure how you want Correlated to link events from Amplitude by selecting an Account ID and User ID and click "Save Fields."
    1. You must set a User ID field unless you want to use the default one from Amplitude, user_id
      1. This will look in the user_properties field from Amplitude for the ID
    2. You must set an account_id field unless you’re only tracking users in Correlated
      1. This will look in both group_properties and all of the groups tracked in Amplitude
    3. These IDs should be consistent across any other connected data sources in order for Correlated to properly map Amplitude events to your accounts and users

Important to Know

  1. Only events are synced. Correlated does not currently sync user profiles, cohorts, or anything else from Amplitude.
  2. The first time you integrate, Correlated will sync the last 14 days of data. After that, Correlated will sync events every hour.
  3. Due to limitations with the Amplitude API, Correlated can’t sync events until 3 hours after they’ve been tracked in Amplitude.