Further Guidance on Honing Playbooks

The goal of Playbooks is to get to a prioritized list of which Accounts or Users to reach out to. Once you’ve built out your initial Playbooks, you can considering the following suggestions:

Maturity: Only reach out to customers who have had enough time to “get ready” to move onto another customer lifecycle stage. If a customer just closed a deal with you a week ago, even if they are showing all the right product usage metrics, they most likely aren’t ready to expand yet. Similarly, a user who has only been on the product for one day and ends up churning most likely left for reasons outside of levers that revenue teams control.

Importance: Not all accounts or users require the same sales motions. Some are great fits for self-serve, while others merit the involvement of a sales team. Considering using firmographic details like company size or industry to narrow down your Playbooks.